The Sensational festival

The Sensational Festival A children’s festival that took place in the summer of 2017. The visitors received a map and used it to navigate between games and activities that stimulated all their senses. At the end there was a music concert for kids, and everybody danced. 🙂

Dorot Theatre

Dorot theatre After years of design that mainly was oriented towards the older audience of the theatre, the Dorot theatre has decided to take a more daring and extreme visual direction. I chose black and yellow duotone, B&W photographs, and simple changing but bold graphic compositions. The younger generation responded very well to this change,


Jubilee Students and teachers from al 50 years of music tradition, performed at a concert in honor and celebration of the fiftieth year jubilee of the local conservatory. Included are the invite, event program, and banners.

Bialik 26

Bialik 26 club For two years I designed a monthly programme for the Bialik club in Beer Sheva. In the back of the program I got permission to go wild with abstract graphic images, exactly how I like it.

One night in the village

One night in the village Community Project In under 300$. The Purim Party in Israel kibbutz is one of the picks of the communal life. In Kibbutz Kfar Aza, where I live, the theme this year was Night. We decided to go with minimalist setting design in black and white, and to use a lot

Media Portrait

Media Portrait Media Portrait is a small content production company that specializes in making short films inspired by personal stories. I used several shapes and elements, and the branding flows freely between the different layouts, and remains prominent and identifiable.